The latest iPhone Ultra Could Give iOS Freedom to Experiment

The Latest IPhone Ultra Could Give iOS Freedom to Experiment

Apple iOS might soon begin making an even more costly iPhone, the iPhone Ultra.

We’ve seen how an iPhone Ultra makes sense, but what about an iPad Ultra? Alternatively, iPad Studio. Whatever you want to call it. This could take advantage of improved hardware. It could include dedicated audio inputs and outputs (the iPad is already a popular tool for amateur and professional musicians), additional USB-C or Thunderbolt ports, a MagSafe charger, and a larger screen.

Of course, this is all speculative, but Apple is pushing the high end these days, from the MacBook Pro with its extra ports to the Apple Watch Ultra. Things could quickly become very interesting—and very expensive.

iPhone Ultra = Freedom to Experiment

iPhone Ultra Freedom to Experiment

Assume you want to add something to your phone camera, such as the long-rumored “periscope” lens, which allows for more zoom range with a minor camera bump. Also, say you need more units to put in the iPhone. If you make an iPhone Ultra, you could use this advanced technology, which could be folded (pun intended) into regular models in future years as the cost of these components falls.

“Developing a high-end, high-priced device would allow Apple to experiment with latest features and technologies without having to worry about mass manufacturing or keeping the cost low,” said technology writer Shahnawaz Sadique in his blog.

Apple can also experiment with materials with a higher-end, more specialized model. One long-term rumor, for example, suggests a future titanium iPhone. Depending on their composition, titanium alloys can be extremely rigid or quite flexible. Titanium plates are stiff to secure broken bones, whereas titanium glasses are adjustable. However, titanium is difficult to work with and expensive. Apple discovered this lesson with its titanium PowerBook, which had brittle hinges and flaky paint. Still, it has since used titanium on the Apple Watch. And, with its flashy design and extra features, the Apple Watch Ultra is an excellent way to learn about a potential iPhone Ultra.

The Apple Watch Ultra is a pure sports watch with improved GPS and location tracking, buttons, a crown that can be utilized with gloves or underwater, and a toughened body.

How will Apple differentiate the iPhone Ultra? We’ve already mentioned one possibility. It could concentrate on photography.

“Highlighting features such as enhanced photography or audio capabilities. Professional photographers, videographers, and audiophiles looking for a high-end device with advanced capabilities would benefit from this, “Carter explains.

Although the iPhone Pro already has better cameras than the standard iPhone, it retains the same slab-sided design. What about including an extra, oversized button (similar to the one found on the Apple Watch Ultra) to serve as a shutter-release button?

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