Few of Our Favorite Things, Gadgets, and Devices

These Are A Few of Our Favorite Things, Gadgets, and Devices

Most people these days utilize a ton of tech devices. From smart Bluetooth speakers to laptops to smartphone devices, we use it all. We’ve obtained or provided many new technologies over the holidays, and you should know what we use daily. Here are the tech gadgets, gear, and devices we love the most.

Echo Dot 3rd Gen

When you think everybody ‘already has one,’ you ascertain you know someone who doesn’t have one. The recipient of this present was genuinely amazed to receive it. He later told us that he especially enjoyed listening to podcasts late at midnight and retrieving the latest daily news before getting out of bed every morning.

ASUS Chromebook CX1

This small Chromebook was for my family member, who does regular, household tasks like shopping, paying bills online, watching videos on YouTube, and general casual computing. They require something little and light-weight to carry around without fear of smashing or breaking it.

This Desktop fits the pay bill. It’s powerful enough for him to finish all his online tasks, has a 12-13 hours long running battery life, and is synced with all his Google versions. As far as Desktop for non-tech geeks goes, this one was a trophy.

Fitbit Charge 5

We switched to the Fitbit Charge 4 with a switch to 5. As for fitness tracking, this is one of the most brilliant! Like its forerunner, it accurately measures footsteps, distance, heart rate, and calories burned. The only drawback is that they don’t measure elevation. Instead, you get a bunch of wellness tracking, including an ECG aspect that lets you screen for signs of atrial fibrillation in under a few minutes.

You can choose from 20 exercises and add six to your device shortcuts to track your activity with just a few swipes on the Charge 5. You also give six months of free access to Fitbit Premium, which provides additional articles, guided meditations, workouts, and support. To enlarge your utilization of the Charge 5, attach the Fitbit Community, where you can view other consumers with the same health and fitness interests and participate in challenges and adventures.

In short, we recommend athletes track their fitness at all levels.

HomePod Mini

I’ve owned several smart speakers, including Amazon’s Echo Dot, Google Show, Google’s Nest Audio, and the Home Mini. Despite being all in on iOS’s ecosystem, we still use Google to create an event on the calendar and email. However, we always felt we could utilize more cash on a big HomePod.

After dismissing the Echo speaker from Amazon as like having an always advertising smart assistant in our residence, We settled on Google as the heir apparent. Sure, it used my data to inform its advertising to me on the web. Still, some sales are only accompanied by some commands. The more prominent Google Nest Audio speaker sounded good, too, and worked just fine. 

We got smart lights; see, the Google Home app could only really find my GE bright lights or our Phillips Hue bright lights. We had to go back to utilizing an app to turn off and on like an infidel. 

When the HomePod Mini came out, we avoided getting one since we were doing fine with Google. Then the different colors came out, and the yellow matched my living room chair. And it was only $99. 

Three things happened when we brought my new yellow smart speaker into my home. Suddenly, we could activate and dim my bright lights with a voice command. Also, the smart doorbell we got worked with Home Kit, and the Home Pod mini is a fantastic hub to run secure videos. 

Unique yet, this little soft yellow speaker sounds impressive for its size. It makes even better sounds than the much bigger Nest Audio speaker. The sound is surprisingly detailed and has an extensive frequency scale; there’s gotta be little magic in there. 

We can bring our iPhone close to the speaker and transfer whatever’s playing. Just ask Siri for assistance with a morning briefing, searching out the weather temperature, and checking the traffic, like other speakers. Still, it all works just like Siri on smartphone devices. 

Ultimately, we bought a second HomePod mini for our bedroom because that sounded better than the Google Nest Hub we had in there. And here, in the new year, hoping that iOS brings back the big HomePod because we could convert 100%. 

JBL Flip 5 Waterproof Portable Bluetooth Speaker
JBL Flip 5 Waterproof Portable Bluetooth Speaker

The teen recipient of this present was ecstatic once she recognized she could take this speaker straight into the shower to boom her Spotify playlist as loud as possible. They also took it to the beach for a friend’s party, so Mom and Dad scored big time with this gift.

iFixit Screwdriver Set

If you tinker with tech, you likely want to get inside whatever requires tinkering. This screwdriver set has each available bit you’ll need off, and it comes with a handy tray to spot your screws on so they don’t survive rolling away. Seriously, what more do you require? 

Gunnar Computer and Gaming Glasses

It might take a toll on your vision if you’re beginning at your Desktop, phone, and tablet display all day. Pick up a set of these Gunnar glasses, then—the company claims they’ll lessen eye strain and the blue light impact on your retinas. Heck, it can’t hurt. If nothing else, you’ll look stylish while managing those spreadsheets and shooting those aliens.

Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra

We’ve required a tablet for a while, but as an Android consumer, We needed something other than an Apple iPad. Blasphemy, We know. We have always been reading and reviewing. Samsung’s tablets have improved over the last few years, so we asked Santa for the Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra. 

The battery life also outshines the laptop, which runs out right when we are creating the most fabulous edits to our articles. We love the S Pen as it turns lousy handwriting into an editable context is an enormous convenience. We plan to utilize it for Zoom game nights with our extended family members, reading tons of books, and the occasional slight of work when we require to get away from our table.

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